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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do children need occupational therapy?
As children grow, their "occupation" is to play, explore, learn, and become increasingly independent in their home, social, academic, and community environments. Some children may encounter challenges such as decreased hand skills, restrictive diets, sensory processing difficulties, impaired motor control, congenital disorders, acquired injuries, etc. Pediatric occupational therapists are trained in child development, environmental adaptation, activity analysis, and a variety of deficit-specific interventions (i.e., feeding and eating intervention, sensory integration, handwriting remediation, orthopedic rehabilitation) that enable children to reach their full potential.
What does the initial evaluation involve?
Our evaluations are individualized for each child’s needs and the reported concerns. We use a combination of parent report, standardized assessments, and clinical observations to quantify any difficulties a child may be experiencing. During the evaluation process, a plan of care is developed, and individual goals are created that can be achieved throughout the therapy process. The plan of care includes individual therapy sessions and a home exercise program.
How many sessions will my child need?
The number of sessions that a child will need is determined by each individual child’s needs and goals. Some children require only an evaluation with a home exercise program, while others may require extensive ongoing intervention. Rest assured that a discharge plan will be established through consultation with a child’s family and their therapist to ensure the best continued success for the individual child.
 Do I need to purchase special equipment to be used at home?
If specialized equipment is needed to maximize a child’s functional results through the use of Occupational Therapy, it will be presented by the individual therapist. Some children benefit from the use of inexpensive items such as pencil grips or hand strengthening putty, while others may benefit from therapeutic swings or high tech devices to reach their optimal potential. In many situations, home equipment and devices may be covered by a child’s insurance company.
What should my child wear for a therapy session?
Therapy sessions are very active and fun as they usually combine gross and fine motor skills. We recommend that children wear clothing that is comfortable and enables them to move freely. If skirts are worn, children should wear bloomers or shorts underneath. Children should always wear socks -- in order to keep our therapy mats, etc., clean.
Can parents stay and observe the OT sessions?
At Mother’s pediatric therapy center parents are always welcome to observe and participate in their child’s therapy sessions. We invite parents to use the sessions as training sessions to learn techniques and carry the skills over into the home environment to maximize their child’s potential.